We routinely work across a number of realities. From virtual and augmented to extended and anhanced, mixed and hyper reality, we are creators of incredible experiences across a variety of platforms. We offer end to end services from planning to setup to training in these exciting new technologies.



We create AR experiences for all sorts of platforms- from mobile/ tablets to headsets like Microsoft Hololens. Some industry uses are in Retail, Healthcare, Architecture and Interior design.


Take it multiplayer! Our systems can host upto 24 users in the same experience at the same time. We make systems for training, gaming and simulation, as well as provide all the necessary content and applications for them.

We also provide all key hardware and setup through our global partner agencies, whether you want full body warehouse-scale tracking or omnidirectional tradmill stay-in-place simulators, we can provide the entire range of products and services.

Our creative and development partners are highly experienced in creating highly immersive VR experiences, whether for commercial, training, education or gaming related purposes. We create VR content for a number of platforms - Oculus, HTC Vive & Mobile. Go any where at anytime, with the amazing power of Virtual Reality.