Creating realities is one thing - we also provide a suite of services aimed at capturing reality on different levels.


We create amazing, immersive and cinematic quality 360 videos. These videos are shot using  a 360 degree camera and are stereoscopic with binaural sound, in rich 8K to 11K resolution.


Volumetric video is a technique that captures a three-dimensional space, such as a location or performance. This type of volumography acquires data that can be viewed on flat screens as well as using 3D displays and VR goggles.


We can capture entire spaces down to a resolution of millimeters using our sophisticated 360 LIDAR technologies. Want to know how your under-construction projects will look? How about creating an entire space from scratch for multi-player VR gaming?


AltReal Studio is a new age digital interaction design studio with an aim to provide the best immersive experiences possible by leveraging our knowledge of emerging tech.

We create immersive & intelligent interactive environments and content to provide solutions for training, education, retail, marketing and gaming.

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