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Oculus Quest...First Impression


I recently bought the Oculus Quest.

What is it?

Its the new standalone VR headset from Oculus. Standalone VR is a VR experience using a headset which doesn’t need a high performance PC to run immersive experiences. Normally,high powered VR headsets are PC based and connect to it with wires for processing power which in turn gives them highly realistic graphics.

Experience Virtual reality anyplace anytime with the click of a button with this game changing standalone VR headset developed by Facebook owned Oculus. No wires, no restrictions


How much does it cost?

If you stay in the western part of the world, this awesome new headset can set you back around $400 for the 64gb and $500 for the 128gb model. In India, you can get it on Amazon at almost double the price at INR 65K.

It’s a great VR headset. While the PC powered headsets will give you better graphics due to higher processing power, as I kept trying different experiences the feeling of freedom felt without any wires makes this the most fun VR headset I’ve tried out. No need to be extra careful so that your wire doesn’t pop out. When you load the headset it lets you draw a

guardian line around you as a safe play area with your right controller as a paint spray. Any time you come close to the boundary a glowing blue cage shows up around you giving you a warning, even better is when you step out of the boundary and your headsets external cameras come on letting you see the real world around you which is a great safety mechanism which adds to the feeling of total safety when in your defined area. There are some issues which experienced regular users might face due to the limited battery time of 1.5-2 hrs with a similar time taken for a full charge, it’s a great headset for beginners and even more experienced people who like immersing themselves in VR but don’t spend all their time in it.


There are some great experiences in the Oculus quest store, which really make you feel highly immersed in the reality that you’ve entered. Some good ones to check out are Richie’s plank Experience which really challenges your perception of reality, Next VR which is a 360 remote VR experience where you can watch live events like tennis, football, stand up comedy and music events. While the visuals are not as clear and vibrant as the PC powered Samsung Odyssey or Oculus rift, its an even trade off with the portability.

While the limited library did initially limit my exploration, a recent new update from Oculus has solved that problem comprehensively. An additional USB to C wire costing $79 can now let you connect your Quest to a PC which lets it access the whole Oculus Rift eco- system of 2000+ titles. It also lets the quest run some heavier experiences which it normally can not.


The Quest is the future of VR, a true gamechanger because: it drastically reduced the entry barrier, gives and uncomparable degree of freedom and the next version will be exponentially more powerful based on what information has been released. Upcoming updates featuring hand tracking also aim to improve the whole immersive experience and make VR feel even more normal/ natural.