NFTs are the hottest new thing today. Everybody wants to sell NFT art, but very few have the resources or the knowledge to do so effectively. AltReal helps you understand everything about NFTs from their creation to sale.



We offer end-to-end services for the creation of NFTs for your gallery or institution.


From digitization of your existing artworks, to selection of the blockchain and setting up your digital wallet and exchange services, we are here to help you get your NFTs created easily and efficiently.


We conduct workshops on demand to help your artists create and set up their own NFTs, get a better understanding of the NFT community and culture, and how to sell your artwork more effectively across different social media channels.

Creation of NFTs is a pretty technical process. Our expert facilitators break down all the components of the creation and sale of NFTs so that you can get started on this wonderful platform without having to go through a tedious process of research or trial and error in setting up your own NFT platform.

Image by Executium
Image by Brian Wangenheim


Want to set up your own NFT marketplace? We can help!

AltReal can assist you in setting up your own NFT marketplace website, integrating a digital wallet and getting your creators up and running on it. We can also help you set up minting and tokenization services that allow your users to list their NFTs on your marketplace.