One of our key missions is to foster and encourage new startups in the emergent technology fields based on our collective decades of experience in both new technology design as well as mentoring.

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We are a new launchpad/ incubator for start- ups in the gaming, immersive and spatial computing space/ niches.


We provide tech and business mentorship to start- ups and young entrepreneurs in these industries. Hardware is expensive and technical knowledge is scarce which prove to be huge barriers to market entry. We advise you how to develop your  product or service or how to integrate these technologies in your operations as well as connect with the right people to scale your business

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We provide this in the form of access to AR/ VR/ Gaming experts, hardware, software and content development team as well by guiding you through your product lifecyle.


As with the Tech Support, we provide similar services on the business side. Strategy development, ideation, research, access to our extensive local & global network as well as the means to raise funding for your product or service. 

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