retail, redefined.

AltReal Studios helps you use emergent technologies to solve real world problems

We offer expert guidance, development and training services for emergent technologies such as virtual, augmented, mixed, extended and hyper realities. We also apply and integrate IoT, 5G, AI and machine learning with these solutions.

We create large scale systems that use a varying combination of these technologies to evolve the human experience. We connect you with the resources you need to see your vision through to reality. Whatever that reality may be!



vr and ar services

consultancy / advisory


We explore the boundaries of art, design and technology.

We follow new developments across all emergent technologies so you don't have to. We also love exploring how this tech fits into the India-specific context, to create experiences that set new standards.

Why compete when you can collaborate? We have partners across the world to help us achieve our dream and vision.


AltReal Studio is a new age digital interaction design studio with an aim to provide the best immersive experiences possible by leveraging our knowledge of emerging tech.

We create immersive & intelligent interactive environments and content to provide solutions for training, education, retail, marketing and gaming.

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